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    Red Flashes In Premiere Cs3???

    Hi again guys,

    Ok fist thing first I have a pc and a mac, i just wanted to clear that up, as my last post was regarding my mac this post is regarding my pc.

    Any ideas why I get red flashes in premiere? According to
    its to do with the "Data rate" please somebody tell me how to change the data rate, I cant see it for looking

    And theres a second thing, If I'm rendering a movie it will suddenly stop and a dialog box comes up and says "out of memory". Surely this cant be true if my entire movie is 60 minutes long and have 1000 gb hard drive? The format i burn it to is :

    Microsoft DV AVI
    Compressor : dv pal
    Range - entire sequence
    I uncheck "add to project when finished"
    Check recompress to "maintain data rate"

    So what is going on here?

    Thanks guys.

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    According to the thread at CC, the data rate was too low. If you've got the same problem you should uncheck "Recompress". In fact you should do that anyway. If you're working with DV all the way through you shouldn't need to recompress the files.

    I don't know why you're getting that memory error, it shouldn't be happening. Can you check your hard drive properties to be abolutely sure you have enough free space? Try rendering the timeline in smaller portions and see how much much space the resulting files are taking up.

    It does sound vaguely like a bug I recall from an earlier version of Premiere, but if you're using CS3 I don't think that will be your problem.
    Dave Owen

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    This happened top me before, I think it was due to the amount of RAM we had


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