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    How do i make things appear out of thin air?

    I want to use this effect for a school project and I was wondering how to make things appear out of thin air.

    ex. someone holds his hand out and after about a second an apple appears in his hand?

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    Hi Ray
    You can actually do it without any compositing or chromakey!! Just film the talent with their hand waiting for the apple and then let someone walk up and drop an apple in their hand. Film a little longer after the "apple giver" is out of shot and then in post simply cut out the piece you don't want (the person walking in and dropping the apple)
    It's as easy as that but make sure the talent does not move!!!
    You can, of course, film an apple falling behind a green screen and then add it to the shot later.
    Make sure to add a "magical" sound effect when the apple appears and let the talent have a "surprised" look on their face as soon as the apple giver is out of shot. If you dont want to edit the shot then stop filming, add the apple and then start filming again. (that's the way amateur cine makers would have done it!!!)


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    I would use green screen as well as long as i didn't have a green apple lol

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    hahaha thank you both


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