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    boom mic positioning trouble

    I've trouble in using a boom mic for 2 anchors (1 female & 1 male) standing side by side. The problem is I cannot locate a mic position where is good for both anchors as one of them is more energetic, speaks louder and taller then the other. How could I get the final audio output that is good for both? Many Thanks

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    Hello tllau -
    What are the chances of not using a boom and using wireless lavaliers? This way you can ride your audio levels as needed and avoid height issues.

    If you can only use a boom, then practice, practice, practice.....
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    I agree. I would look into Lav mics. Even if they are wired, then you can have their audio on separate lines and adjust accordingly
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    boom boom

    Both "anchors"? Is this like a newsroom setting or something?

    The problem with lavelier mics is that you're putting them in a position that's unnatural for listening; thus the best mics in the world aren't going to give optumum sound. Granted, it can be quite good, which is why you need to think about what kind of quality you're aiming for.

    If you need the very best, use two stand mics. I know this will present a problem if the input is a single sound card jack. Back in the way-old days of classic radio, when mics were expensive and inputs were limited, it was just part of an announcer's training to know how to work a mic, especially when two announcers were using a single mic. Nobody knows how to do that any more.

    (Nostalgic? Hey, I'm not that old! )

    If you are stuck using one mic, your best tool is relative distance. When both people are an equal distance from the mic, how much do the two voices differ, on a meter? 6dB? Then the loud voice should be moved twice as far from the mic as the soft voice. 10dB? The loud one should be 3 times as far away. More than 10dB? The softer voiced person is going to have to get reeeeel cozy with that mic.


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