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    Transfering HDV from Camera to PC

    Does anyone know some good software besides mac software that can be used to transfer HD video to pc. I have been trying to figure it out. Tried Sony Vegas 8 it shows it playing during capture but doesn't open when I go to play it back, I also have Avid Express HD haven't a clue about that program. The only thing that has worked is windows movie maker and that's too simple of a program. I want something with more features. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm using the Sony HVR-HD1000U and transferring with a 1394 cable. I wish I had a mac but I don't I heard final cut is really good.

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    Hi there,

    I believe Vegas can edit the HDV content your camera churns out, it is not HD actually. Adobe Premiere CS3 can do the job too.
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    Sony Vegas and Premiere Elements can both handle HDV (the consumer version of HD), and they are reasonably cheap.
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