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    ah ok , i get it now .

    Thanks alot for your help people, i realy appriciate it

    Kind regards,


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    You could use HDV Split if you want to capture individual scenes.

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    It's not exactly a 'problem', just a function that Premiere has not included in their program. There are alternatives to it.

    Log your shots & Batch Capture
    If you have the luxury of a crew, there ought to be someone taking down (logging) timecodes during recording, so the 'good takes' or the 'NG' are all noted. And when you're back in the editing suite, you (depending) have a quick re-look at your rushes (what you've shot) to make sure those logged shots as 'good' as the director saw them, do a batch capture by simply typing down all the timecodes as recorded, let the computer find those timings and capture them while you have a cuppa.

    I would much prefer to do this, especially during peak periods where projects are queuing in the system and space is wanting!

    Just sit through the digitizing once-and-for-all
    The title speaks for itself. Watch it, decide whether you want it or not, digitize or fast forward, and get on with editing.

    Other thoughts
    i do not recommend breaking your timecode (as what Chris suggested) unless you have practiced and know exactly what you are doing. For 2 reasons
    1. To digitize a timecode you must always factor in a pre-roll (at least 3 - 5 sec on the safe side). And if your shots are only 10 sec clips, think of the amount of pre-rolls. Add the pre-rolls up for the whole tape. That's not a huge, but considerable amount of tape.
    2. In Premiere (correct me if I'm wrong, those CS and above users), when capture detects a time-break, it merely stops the tape and waits for the user to make up his mind if he wants the clip-in-question to be saved. After that the vicious cycle continues.... it wastes more time. It might work in Vegas, but I'm not sure if it does on premiere.

    At the end of the day, try out what process works best for your working habits, and perfect it as best as you can with what you have or better still, can get. Have lots of fun!
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    Hi Nagar

    A brilliant and well set out answer. He now has all the options!!
    Sorry I forgot to mention pre and post roll if you break the timecode. I allow around 10 - 20 seconds each side!!! However my other "method" is to simply change tapes when a new venue is arrived at!!

    Not sure if Vegas automatically finalises a file when no time code is found. I actually use Panasonic's Motion DV Studio which does it for me by default!!


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    Hi Chris,
    i can't understand why u breaking the timecode insteed of using the log and capture dialogue box!! whitch of corse givs u the choise to digitize the best take, and to save hard disc as well.

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    Hi Khalid

    My capture software only captures raw footage with timecode on it. I'm just lazy!!! With breaks in the time code I can just capture my footage from start to end and MotionDV Studio will present me with say, 5 DV-AVI files if there were 5 sequences filmed with breaks in-between. I often preview my footage as well so once I have previewed a sequence I want to make sure that the camcorder is cued up for the next shot well past the end of the last one.

    Nothing wrong with batch capture at all!!


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    The key to anything in production (well, almost everything) is improvisation. You should see what Chris does! I think it's pretty creative, just that I do not have a lot of DIY skills to make or even find some of the things...
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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