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    RIP Dave's PC (2005-2008)

    My main PC was declared dead yesterday at 11:00am as the result of a previously undetected health problem. A trustworthy companion and colleague, he will be sadly missed. He worked much harder than he was ever designed for and did very well to survive so long.

    I'm currently working through the five stages of grief. I've done denial, anger and bargaining. Today it's depression and hopefully tomorrow I'll move on to acceptance.

    So anyway.... as a result of all this I'm somewhat out of touch until my new PC arrives next week. This guts me as I really thought my next computer purchase was going to be a Mac Pro. Unfortunately I can't be without a good desktop PC so the Mac Pro has to wait a little longer.

    If anyone is trying to email me at the moment, my apologies for not responding. BTW I'm seriously considering moving my email to gmail - anyone here had experience using gmail to manage multiple accounts with different domains/email addresses? It looks like it should work well but I don't want any nasty surprises.
    Dave Owen

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    My condolences. It was good while it lasted eh?

    I am in the process of budgeting for a mac pro... likely in half a year's time? it's quite a hassle trying to get all the pieces together as I'm doing a great big overhaul of the editing suite which runs on PC.

    Like yourself, I'll still keep the PC going.. while it lasts.
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    Hey Dave - I feel for ya!

    I kept resusciting my old Pentium 3 however I was ready and prepared to make the jump because I knew the point of return would eventually come. I kept procrastinating on my Asus/Athlon 64 X2 build - it should have been built sooner than later.

    Anyway - my real point that I wanted to share is that I ordered a Macbook Pro, couple of days ago. Aside from the fact that my pc laptop was old and slow as my previous desktop, I've been reading and checking out that XP or Vista can also run on Mac Pro since it's now based on Intel too. The blogs that I've read so far have been pleasing experiences from a gamer and a developer. It was the, "2 in 1", which really sold me.

    In truth, I wouldn't even be bothering with a Mac but there have been changes at my job that require me to be part of Mac Support (I'm not even PC support). I also have Tiger running on G4 desktop at home. So I'm slowly gathering speed...
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