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    i need help with recording vocals

    ive been learning all different kinds of ways to record vocals into music but ive been having a problem

    i have been starting to record 2 raps but twice and panning them 10% to the left and 20-30% left
    but whyyy does it sound soo crispy ... like it sounds annoying and not smooth
    i dont know how to make it normal sounding

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    oops i mean 20-30% to the right

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    Please give a make and model listing of the equipment that you're using - mics, pre-amp, mixer, compressor/expanders,equalizers, speakers...etc.

    And I guess your settings would help as well.
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    ...and what you mean by "crispy" - all treble, no bass, or do you mean distorted, like the sound is being shredded?


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