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    I need help (.mod extension)

    I ran into an interesting problem while trying to edit clips from my JVC Everio camera.

    I saw that it didn't play back in the right colors (very distorted pixelated) on the software that JVC gave me with the camera, but I ignored it and I copied the files onto my PC anyways. I imported them into my Sony Vegas and found that they played back fine, so I just thought it was a fluke.

    I edited everything and found out that even after I published it in .avi, the video clip was still playing in that distorted/pixelated color. (possibly because I edited .mod files?)

    I tried to change file extension, and it still won't play

    I don't know what else to do.

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    Hi Ray
    I have a client with a HDD JVC camera and their so called "MOD" files according to him are simply MPEG2 files given a "MOD" extension!!
    He says that all he does is rename them to MPG and they work fine.
    (Warning!! I have NOT tried this but it's worth a try!!! you can always rename them back to MOD again!!!)

    Now IF they are, in fact, MPEG2 files, they are already highly compressed (that's how the HDD camcorders fit so many hours on the drive!!)
    By importing an MPEG with already compressed data and trying to export to an AVI you are trying to create data that's not there!! The best you can hope for is to edit and re-render to an MPEG2 again. There will be a quality loss but it's better than nothing!!

    Remember that HDD and DVD camcorders were designed for "Shoot 'n Watch" people and not for editing.


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    Davy Eager
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    re .mod extension

    Ulead video studio 11, vegas studio 9, or pinnacle studio 10 will handle these files well. I use ulead on vista64 with no problems.

    Hope this helps.


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