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    Panasonic MD10000 (PAL)

    Hi All
    Well, actually this is for anyone in the Eastern Asia area (especially Nagar)

    Does anyone know where Panasonic are manufacturing the "economy model" called the MD10000 ...there are plenty on the market in Australia and someone hinted that they might be made in India or Indonesia???

    I just wanted a few more specs on the unit and no-one seems to have downloadable manuals or even spec sheets!! It's a shoulder mount unit but with a basic domestic "insides" 3 x 1/6" chips but quite a lot of manual functions .... anyone seen them around. I thought they might be prevalent in Singapore!!

    PS: This is a "lo-fi" version of the Japanese MD1000 which has 1/4" chips and can run DVCAM tapes and only comes in NTSC

    Comments???? I have heard good and bad


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    Hi there Chris,

    Well, honestly I do not know where it is made. And yes, I see it being sold in a few shops, but usually those are meant for tourists, so I steer clear.

    Expandore (they have a showroom here) sells and ships them for S$1,800 (without shipping and tax) and they only have common information which I believe you can find online, but I have included the link anyway.

    And to give a better picture, most video users use consumer cameras and when we talk about consumer, the key is size, and price. For those 'serious' amateurs/semi-pros, you'll find more holding Sony Z1s, Canon XL1/2s (used to be popular), Panny DVX series for events and stuff. One of the only times I have ever seen it in the field were some tourists fixing it onto a tripod to shoot in the zoo! Although a PAL camcorder, it is more popular likely in Bangladesh-India area (seems to be so when I was in Bangladesh last year).

    The only good points I can see are (1) the many functions available and (2) the appearance that makes it look 'pro', but not to discerning eyes.

    What I am going to continue is not going to sound good, but you must decide if you will take my side of the story. The bad. Like JVC's Everios which IMO are way too overstated with Fujinon lenses and a 3-CCD chip (I remember it is 1/6" too), splitting RGB to 3 tiny CCDs cannot get you anywhere near good and consistent results simply because you cannot get consistent lighting qualities in an event shoot. Even 1/4" single-chip CCD/CMOS cameras will beat the MD with today's technology. I would rather have a simpler camera with less frills, but jaw-dropping (okay it's just an expression..) results. With so little information you can find online, it shows the popularity and (more important) community support for the usage of this monster.

    So I have said my piece. Perhaps if there is an actual user looking at the 'junk' I'm churning, please be so kind to send us rushes shot by this camera. Both in low light and daylight, with and without help of ext lights. I try my best to be prepared to be shamed and labeled as ignorant and foolish.

    But I must confess I enjoyed viewing the Everio's recent wedding ads featuring the cameras, and that includes the website. Pretty neat marketing.

    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Hi Nagar

    I knew you would come thru for me!! Many thanks!!
    None of the panasonic factories even list it BUT it is listed at their Middle East depot !! Maybe it's made in Saudi Arabia????

    It would be interesting to see how the chips perform!! If anyone has footage they would like to share!!

    Without going to the $5000 +++ category there are not many shoulder-mount cameras around. Panasonic here actually have a HD model of this in a similar casing and it uses AVCHD format and SD cards . Retails here for over $3000!!!

    I foolishly lost the bidding on a neat little AG-DVC15 but it was getting a little old and the seller had no idea how many hours it had done.

    Your comments are appreciated and I do agree with them...if only they had put 1/3" chips in the unit, 2 x XLR plugs and a DVCAM tape unit it would be magic!!! This is the spec of the MD10000 in Japan itself but only available in NTSC!!


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    For those that are interested the MD 10000 is actually sourced from the Middle East (Panasonic in Saudi Arabia sell them) It's essentially a "grey import" clone of the DVC20. The "insides" are identical to the Panasonic GS120 as well as the functions but also be warned that it doesn't have 16:9 although they claim it does (all it has is "cinema" mode which superimposes two black bars over the 4:3 footprint)

    It's strange how Panasonic bring out a "new" model and then downgrade it technically!! The DVC15 had 1/4" chips, full 16:9 and XLR audio then the DVC20 came out with 1/6" chips, no 16:9 and basic audio only!!

    Unless you really need an big box to impress people the GS120 will do the same job at 1/3rd of the price!!



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