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    Tools for Video Streamcapturing

    Im working in a project. We have to use a Camera over 3 Weeks and have to capture its Stream. We have found a way to save the stream with VLC-Media-Player. Copy the stream address and so on... But for our needs its not the best way. We dont want one huge file ( Terrabyte or something like this). It would be good to have a software with some more options. Save every hour in a new file. And it would be great but not necessary if it is captured in avi format. Is there anything u know? And a good conversion tool, if the capture thing canīt do this.
    Sry for my bad english... hope you can help.
    Greetings Jan Hackenberg

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    VLC can do this if you dig in the documentation or make a shell script to make it only record an hour and then reload it (assuming you can deal with non-overlapping recordings, you can make a different shell script to create overlapping recordings). The folks in #vlc on Freenode are always helpful ( a web interface to this IRC channel is available at ) and speak a variety of languages.

    Other than suggesting you continue to use the same tool in a different way, I cannot be of much help unless you explain how you get the camera signal into a computer.
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