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    Pulsing noise...

    Hi, I'm getting this pulsing and beat like noise (around 155 BPM) whenever my mixer(DJM-500) is connected to my computer soundcard. (Audigy)
    I also have this thing called "Final Scratch" connected to my computer through USB. THe problem starts when the mixer is connected to my computer with the channels switched to Phono and Final Scratch connected. I first thought it was a problem with Final Scratch but found out that if I disconnect my mixer from my computer I dont get any noise what so ever.

    Is there a cable I can use or any other solution to get rid of this pusling noise?

    I use my computer for recording my mixes but if I use a MD for recording, I dont get any this what they call a ground loop or something?

    there must be a way to record with my computer, please help us out.

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    I've been scratching my head over this one but I'm not quite sure what's going on. Can you tell us exactly how your system is connected, especially how the mixer is connected to the computer? Is the sound going from the mixer to the computer or vice versa?

    Does FinalScratch only connect to the computer (USB), or is it also connected to the mixer?

    What happens if you have your mixer channels set to line level instead of phono? You'd want phono level if you're connecting straight from turntables but it sounds like that's not how your setup is configured.

    To be honest I don't know much about DJ equipment so I'm fumbling a bit here. Just trying to get a handle on how your system fits together.
    Dave Owen

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    Hi I am also having the pulsing noise. I plug my laptop's headphone out using a 1/8 inch cable with red/white rca on the other end to my DJM500 mixer. however, when the power is plugged in, there is a lot of noise, but if i have the laptop running on battery, the problem is solved, no noise (however this is not ideal due to short battery life of laptops). is this ground loop? if i purchase one of those expensive power supply things, will it solve the problem?

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    i have the same problem as you describe - using this setup

    i have laptop connected to final scratch via firewire
    final scrach is connected to a DJ mixer
    the DJ mixer is connected to my amp (aux 1 channel)
    I have another computer connected to the amp (aux 2 channel)

    a bad pulsing hum/noise comes out of the headphones and speakers. it comes out of the headphones even if they are turned to zero volume.

    if i unplug the laptop PSU the problem goes away.

    in my effort to find the fix i read the final scratch (v2.0) manual...
    this is what it said:

    "Problem: I hear a buzzing noise in the music -
    When troubleshooting possible ground loops in your setup, you should first try to unplug the power supply of your laptop to see if this makes any difference. If it does, you may need to use an adapter plug that circumvents the ground on your power supply and 'lifts' it. If it does not remedy the problem, remove all other cables going into your laptop one by one, except the FireWire connection, to find the guilty connection."

    It seems like laptops and power supplies are known todo crazy things.
    im gonna try to get one of these adapter plugs?!

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    Ground loop

    I read your comments, I am having the same problem. I have bought a ground loop isolator from maplin, this reduced the noise, but has not eliminated it completely. I am at my wits end. I have the following set up as well

    i have Mac (running osx) connected to final scratch 1.5 via firewire
    final scratch is connected to a DJ mixer DJM 600
    the DJ mixer is connected to my powered speakers

    I am having no joy from stanton or FS,, it seems their support is not very good, or they know there is a problem.

    If anyone knows a solution, I would be sooo happy as I want to to play some music!!


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    same problem.. Ground loop buzzing noise witth Final scratch 1.5

    i have the same problem as you describe - using this setup

    i have laptop connected to final scratch via firewire
    final scrach is connected to a DJ mixer
    the DJ mixer is connected to my amp (aux 1 channel)
    I have another computer connected to the amp (aux 2 channel)

    I bought a ground loop isolator - it reduces the sound. I am not sure if I need to plug it in at any particular point. The sound seems to be the connection between the computer and FS> any ideas?


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    Long time FS user here with a solution to the problem (stumbled across this when I was looking for the power specifications of the North American power adaptor that came with FS v1 (ie. not v2) - if anyone can post that info (DC voltage - polarity) I'd be grateful)

    The problem is most definately related to a ground loop and is heard due to the phono preamps on the SA. All you need to is convert the 3 prong plug on your laptop PSU to a 2 prong one. You can buy these adaptors at most electronic stores, although I never did find one @ Radio Shack.

    One might think this would cause electrical problems, blow up stuff etc, and I can assure you it does not. I have run FS since 2002 this way, and it has yet to even hiccup.

    Good luck.

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    I also had the same problem, I bought final scratch used with 2 ground loop isolators, even with those I still had the buzz. After buying the
    3-to-2 prong plug everything is perfect

    I got mine and homedepot

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    FS Ground loop

    I have FS2 along with my dj setup (turntables,mixer) I'm getting a ground loop when I have the scratch amp plus laptop pluged in. If I unplug my laptop problem solved, but I need to have my computer pluged in because the battery life. I have used the 3-2 prong adapter in the past and it worked a little but not fixing completly. has anyone found something that works better than the 3-2 adapter?

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    Can I throw something out there about ground loops? A standard 3-prong plug has 2 grounds. The first is the u-shaped hole under the two slit shaped holes. This is the 'system' ground, or building ground, aka 'earth' ground, and is for safety. It provides a short path to the earth for any current resulting from faulty equipment so you don't get electrocuted.

    The larger of the two slits is the other ground (nuetral). It provides the return path for the AC you are using to power the equipment. The two grounds are electrically the same, except the safety ground goes straight to earth and the other goes through a transformer and back to the power company first. A ground loop occurs between these two when the moronic electricians don't connect them together correctly at the breaker panel, or when there is more than one breaker pannel and the moronic electricians connect one plug in a room to one pannel and another plug to the other pannel (or they split the phases), and don't connect the earth grounds to a common 6 foot grounding rod, the result being a voltage difference between the two; that's where the noise comes from. Eliminating the u-prong may get rid of the noise, but you lose the safety net the 3-prong plug was designed for, putting both you and the equipment at risk.

    I very seriously advise getting an electrician to correct the wiring and use the plugs as they are intended.
    'I think my intimate relationship with electronics started as a child when I was playing with a screwdriver and a wall plug, Doc, and...'

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