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    Well over the past few years I have upgraded my DJ hardware (Final scratch). The last one I had used USB 2.0 and I still had the same problem as with this one with fire wire. I guess it could be the cheap wire either way. as for the RCAs I have not tried to shorten them or do anything with them. They are fairly short aprox 2', I will try to switch them out with new ones. I would assume not to go any longer right? I should also pick up a good fire wire cable, reguardless it would be a good idea. Thanks so much for the ideas, if this don't work I hope a conditioner will!
    You think this will be a good investment anyway and help with my problems if all else fails?

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    If you can afford it go with the one Texan first recommended. It may be a rehash of a design from T. Edison when he was battling with Tesla about AC V. DC in a grid format but it is tried and true. The circuitry has evolved alot. I don't think a Furman has what you need. The ground isolation circuit doesn't quite do what they seem to claim. (I,ve played with hundreds of them on the bench).

    But you need to find the source of the noise before you can extinguish it. You say it happens in different buildings, correct? Then it is in your equipment, correct? Plug all of it into a single power strip (conditioned of course) then into one single wall outlet (don't worry, a 15a circuit can handle alot more stuff than you have). Still noise?

    OK, Texan, I have to ask, tongue in cheek, what you mean by "linear circuit design", as that catagory includes about half of all the circuits that have ever been invented? I know the specs on the web sites talk about it, but the only things I can find in common are an isolation transformer and a power limiting structure based on common-base FET with crowbar feed back protection. Even with PLL phase correction it's not linear. I don't mean to be a prick or anything, but am I missing something?
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