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    How do I import images please?

    I found your most excellent site yesterday - and followed the tutorial to make the "My Text" animation. However,when I try to import images, the second image I import replaces the first imported image. So I only end up with one image! Please could you direct me to a tutorial on how to import images please.
    Thanks for your reply in advance, fruny

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    Unfortunately I recently uninstalled ImageReady so I can't look these things up any more. I'm not sure exactly what you're doing though - are you importing images into ImageReady to use in the animation? If so, can you just open the images separately and copy/paste them intom the animation?
    Dave Owen

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    You can import the image using Picasa 2,it is a program that help you to import the image.

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    hi digitaldesperad

    Thank you for your link, i will check it

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    Images on the web can not be copied & past due to the low resolutions of what you see online. Some times there is a name of the developer in the bottom of the site. Some times they are very helpful if you call them and ask for help, hoping to do busiess with you in the future is a good motivation for them to give you free stuff now.


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