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    Sony TRV340 Handycam Help!!!

    I am getting an error message, C:31 :42, the manuel says it can be fixed by me and does not need to be sent out for repair and to disconnect power and remove tape. But it does not help I still get a message error.
    Has anyone had this problem and have you fixed it?!?!?!

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    I've seen this reported a few times and the word is that the suggested fix is temporary at best (in your case it obviously hasn't worked at all). For the sake of being thorough here is the suggested fix:

    Remove ALL the batteries (even the coin-like ion lithium battery at the bottom) and disconnect from power source.
    Make sure that all the switches are OFF.
    Turn all of the switches on the camera on to a ON position and wait at least 15 secs.
    Turn the switches to OFF position. Connect the battery or power supply.
    Turn it on and hope.

    Most people seem to recommend taking it in for repair. One guy who claims to be a tech even said it would be a major repair
    Dave Owen

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    From what i've read on other forums as people's "fixes" for this, it seems that error is a threading or unthreading error, but I don't have a copy of the service manual for that model so I could not say for sure and although I have the model that is based upon, I lack that model and couldn't direct you in detail how to precede even if I did have the error description. I'd recommend trying Dave's idea and if that doesn't work, either take it to a shop or replace it.

    If you tell us where you are located, someone on these forums be able to suggest a good repair facility.
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