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    Hi Nagar

    It's a sad story actually!!! I found a DVC15 on eBay but lost the auction!!
    (The 15 has XLR inputs line and mic inputs controllable on each channel and 3 x 1/4" chips)
    I found a fairly good deal on the DVC20 clone so I have intially bought one and I'll put it thru it's paces...I have yet to find ANY camcorder with good low light performance!!! My GS500 is "supposed" to be good but when the lights go down it dies unless you use "0 lux" mode which is a joke with 15fps recording and all the gain does is add noise!!
    It's the old story .... don't treat the symptom...fix the cause!! I use lights in low light!!!

    Anyway I will certainly give you a quick review here on the camera (I think it's essentially a Panasonic GS300 in a big plastic box) Their new HD model is just a tiny S9 camcorder in a big plastic box!!!


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    Aw... Okay I'm looking forward to your review Chris!

    And yes, I totally agree lighting is the key, and that's why photography literally means 'light painting', just as we take roles as directors of photography!
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Hi Nagar
    It ships on Monday by courier so I suspect delivery by Thursday. I will give it a whirl before and on the weekend and give you the good and bad points!! There is actually a ENG crew at a Florida TV station that use these for "dangerous" work where a $25,000 ENG camera may get damaged!! At just on US$1000 they figure it's a good investment and they seem happy with the footage. Mind you a single chip camera actually has a higher resolution than a normal 4:3 TV can handle anyway so I always feel that people tend to become "obsessed" with technical specs rather than the artistic ability of the cameraman!! Lighting is so important (just figure why TV studios use huge banks of lights on the ceiling)..they are not for show, yet most expect a poor camcorder to take a crisp sharp image at less than ideal conditions. If people looked carefully at specs they would see that a camcorder will "produce" an image at 1lux BUT the minimum lighting level is given at 1400lux.


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