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Thread: My Photographs

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    Hi R.K. -
    Here are my thoughts:
    Harmonious - Very nice, just wish the top of her head wasn't cropped. This picture has so much potential to manipulate and be very creative artistically speaking. Hope you can do something else to it.

    Aliveness - I like this one too. At the top of picture are reflections of what may be some sort of buildings. I would have cropped more so the boat was totally isolated.

    Requiring - Great shot - I like it just like that!

    Divine - Wow... can you adjust it to be totally straight vertically??

    Those are just my own thinking/comments/suggestions/preferences. I'm sure you'll get several dozen different ones.

    Hmmmm... I should post a few myself
    Relationships are based on compromises - behavior accepted is behavior repeated.

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    Express gratitude

    SC358, thanks for the comment's and suggestions
    That's good - and detail.

    thank you.

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    My five cents' worth.

    harmonious - just have to note whenever you take portraits, that the eyes are the 'windows to the soul'. Thus it is valuable (though not always) that they are the ones in focus. I noticed the little girl's left earring and knot of her necklace was the plane in focus instead. Lighting: she was backlit, so we lost a lot of details on her face. I can imagine a pretty radiant face if you managed to catch her profile at another angle, perhaps with a little more 'reflection' of light glowing on her to add to her smile. That will be radiant.

    I'm wondering what she saw that gave her a smile. I like that. Give a little more 'space' in the direction she's looking That'll be great!

    aliveness - not sure how the title corresponds to the photo, but a fair composition. As SC mentioned, cropping off the distracting reflections or including them (so we can see the boat 'interacting' with her environment) might be interesting points to consider

    divine - I'd love to see the size of the tree in relation to the wise man (if he is supposed to be the 'divine' in the photo).

    Also same comment as harmonious, he's looking at something.. but we don't know.. makes me curious!

    I hope you have enjoyed yourself making those pictures 'talk'!
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Hi ,
    I have saw your pictures , very beautiful. I like both of them.
    I am a photography lover , when I have time I will carry my digital camera with me and go any where I like, and make some lovely picture, I love the nature very much. So most of my pictures are mountain, tree, river, bird and even little weed. I like all of them , they can give me the real happy.

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    Shahin Samaei

    You certainly have an eye for it!

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    hi proprint1
    i got it , thanks for that.

    few more snaps in a journey ...

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    Hey R.K.

    I saw your 3d works. I think it's totally OUTSTANDING and FANTASTIC work. I hope your working with a company that you really like, so that you can do the work you love!

    Thanks for letting me in to see it.
    Relationships are based on compromises - behavior accepted is behavior repeated.

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    dear mr .SC358
    what a modesty, thanks for the comment's sir.

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    I love looking at old photographs no matter how old they are! I like looking at ones that were taken yesterday and ones that were taken 18 years ago!...

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    The snap of the kid having two pony tails is inspired one..

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