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Thread: My Photographs

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    yes gandaria7001 i am also intrested in older phototgraphs,
    customtshirts u'r rite she is very inspring...
    and i like to post my photographs

    Life line

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    I like the pics especially the man by a tree. Stolen shot? Can you make a sunset shot or a sunrise? Or an herb garden? I'm into photography, but I don't have the talent.


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    Great pics. Especially the photo of children. Very innocent moments! Great..

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    Lovely x

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    These were very beautifull pics, there is a spirit in them!Children are amazing!

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    Wow!!! Photographs are really beautiful and true.

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    These photos look natural and I like it. I think these photos from India.

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    The two click both says something itself nice click. The best part the kids and sunset.

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    I really like your shots here, very much candid and clear!

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