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    how do i compress a video???

    ok i am new so i am learning as i go! I made a video today of my mustang and it is only 1min 12sec. i shot it with a sony handycam and downloaded it to my computer. I opened it up and saw it was 46mb!! So i downgraded the quality settings to low and shot it again, dl it to the computer and it stayed about the same. 3rd, I tried zipping it......brought it down to 35mb! I am about to pull my hair out! There has got to be a way to get it around 2mb or so. any info you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

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    Hi and welcome to the forums!
    When you download the video to your computer it will be in DV-AVI format and yes the file will be HUGE!!!
    If you have a Non Linear editor on your computer then just import the file and then render it as a WMV file (If you don't have an editor then you can use Windows Movie Maker which is already there for you!!)

    To give you an idea a WMV file encoded at 256bps (anything lower is not very good quality!!) will give you a file (if you use a 640x480 video) of around 2mb per minute of video. so that should be OK for you!!!

    I do my Realty Videos online at the same rate and they are quite watchable and small enough to email.

    If you are going to put your clip on YouTube then just upload the 48mb file and YouTube will convert it for you!!! You can then send all your friends the link

    Hope this helps


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    i tried to import it to windows movie maker and get this error.... 20080606181956.mpg could not be imported. An interface has too many methods to fire events from

    any ideas?


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