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    akg c3000 & c1000 for recording drums and electric guitar

    i was wonderin if the akg c3000 and c1000 would be good for recording electric guitar and a drumset. thanks

    - aspiring musicicion

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    Your question is quite broad and needs some clarification. Are you recording your drums in the same room as other instruments live or are you isolated. The type of music is also another factor. Generally, large diaphragm condensor mics are not used to record amplified guitar due to the high sound pressure levels (SPL). These high levels tend to wear the capsules and color the sound. (Some people prefer to do exactly that. They have certain large diaphragm mics "worn in" just for that purpose, but it can get expensive. You will most likely not use that mic for anything else again since the mic has been colored which drastically changes the frequency response.) The standard Shure SM 57 is always a great choice for micing guitar amps. Several professional studios use them as well as respected road tours.

    As far as drums go, they might prove to be very useful for overheads (I would suggest using two of the same type vs. one of each), hat, and even toms. Again, I would be careful using them on kick drums due to the high SPL of that particular drum. Both of these mics do have a tendency to have a little high frequency boost which would sound great on cymbals and toms. I would be careful, though, because you will have to place them very carefully in order to achieve good isolation between the different mics. Their polar response is not as tight as other mics and will lend to bleeding on your tracks. The only thing you can do is just use your ears. Take some time and record them with different mics AND DIFFERENT POSITIONS. The position of the mic can make all the difference in your recording.


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