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    Constructive Criticism to grow by:

    Good evening, I am new to this site and consider myself a semi prosumer. I work with the Sony vx2100 camcorder and adobe premiere 6.0. My interest grew in videography through my music. I write songs and have produced three cds from same. After my first release, I was offered a tv show wherein I accepted and for 7 years produced and hosted a 30-minute weekly show on community tv. I have since produced three music videos 2 of which have been aired nationally. I am looking to grow by having my work critiqued by pros such as you guys. My videos are posted on stage name is Cookie Price Drayton. Look forward to your comments.

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    Welcome to the forum, LadyC.

    There is a wide spread of experiences with helpful advice. I look forward to learning from someone that's really on the production side.

    Relationships are based on compromises - behavior accepted is behavior repeated.

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    SC358, thank you for the welcome. It is true that we grow from constructive criticism and/or comments. I look forward to hearing from those on the productive side also.

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    Hi LadyC and welcome
    Dave Owen

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    Hi Dave:

    Thank you for the welcome! I guess you guys are not in the business of sharing constructive criticism to grow by. Well, I guess it cannot be too bad. BET television station called yesterday and will be airing our new video this Sunday between the hours of 10am and 11am. Would still like some ideas from you experts to grow by. Thanks for the opportunity to share!

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    Hi ladyC,

    So far most (if not all) of the regular contributors on the forum have tried to be honest and responsible in giving comments and constructive ideas/criticisms so that everyone can learn from it. So be patient, you might get some, at least I am going to share some, but just a disclaimer that I am no expert, and nothing I have done hit national TV, save my FYP (Final Year Project) during school days.

    I have just taken a glimpse of the MV I MEAN HEAVEN. Just a quick suggestion that you might want to check out the lightings as well as the backgrounds in your shoots. For instance, there were some parts in the MV where the singer was standing at a bridge (?) and the lighting made it difficult to see her. Also the background was too cluttered with so many greens and stuff.

    Keep the camera rolling, love what you do, and do it better!

    Lastly, welcome and my regards!
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Thank you Nagar for taking the time to glimpse and further comment constructively. I appreciate that. I will keep your suggestions in mind in the future. I am in the process of teaching myself chroma keying/green screen in hopes that once I figure out the lighting along with same, I can create my own backgrounds without actually being there. Open for any thoughts on that scenario also. Thanks a lot.

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