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    Substitution for Independent Audio

    Good evening, In addition to working on my own videos, I am frequently called upon for videography jobs, mostly choir concerts and celebrations i.e. weddings and retirement functions which are held in large halls. I have one main camera the Sony VX2100 which is a step up from my using my amatuer Sony high digital cam and my JCV mini dv (both consumer products). When I purchased this camera the guy told me I could use additional audio connections for personal greetings when among large audiences. Needless to say he lied. (there are only plugs for audio overdubbing, whatever that is). I usually have to get my personal greetings for i.e. the bride and groom with a smaller camera on the outside of the party then merge same into the video during editing. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a "not so expensive audio substitution" which can be used independently for such ocassions? Thanks.

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    The difficult issue with any external recording device is keeping the timing together. Meaning the audio synced with the video. You can get an inexpensive MP3 recorder that takes external audio and records that. But putting the audio with the video with out a time code or some other sync will be difficult to almost impossible. You might be able to get away with short segments and trying to match up in the post editing process. (looking at lips moving and adjusting the audio to match) But I would not want to try any long segments. All AV equipment tends to wonder some on its speed of playback.

    With pro-gear, they use a time code to keep everything locked together and synchronized.

    What you might be able to do is get an external recorder that will take the video from your camera and the audio and record them all at the same time. (in sync)

    Good luck

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    Thanks Eric,

    I absolutely agree with you. I actually have a little experience in syncing(sp?) video (being lipsync) with the actual tracks as I do music videos. Getting pretty good at it. I am not however up on the mp3 recorders but have a 21 year old son who could probably help me in that area. Thanks again for responding, I feel better as I thought I was talking to myself for a moment there. :-)

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    You could always use a clapboard for sync.
    I've discussed this on these forums before at
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    thanks tonsofpcs, I will check out your forums this week.

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