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    What to get for a High School COMM TECH Class

    We are currently in the process of getting new equipment for my school audio/video class. We do digital photography and video production. We currently have Adobe products on a PC enivroment and 3 high end DV Panasonic cameras.

    We have access to a HUGE Grant so money is really not a problem. I would like to know what format, MAC/PC we should invest in. Should we upgrade to Final Cut from Adobe? Should we make the investment into a couple of AG-HVX200 HD Panasonic Cameras?

    Any form of advice would be great. Money is really not a problem, so it is pretty much Christmas in June.

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    Do you have any sort of studio space?
    What is the goal of this program?
    Also, if there are any, what requirements/restrictions are on the grant?
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    We have a nice big space so that is not a problem. The grant needs to be spent on the program. So we can buy anything that is video/ audio based. The students are introduced into the world of video production. As long as the students meet the requirements of producing video/digital work. I am looking for suggestions on equipment. It would be nice to have a mini production studio.

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    If money is no object, I think a Mac Pro with Final Cut Studio is well worth looking at. If nothing else, it's something of a standard in the video production world which has various advantages for the students.

    Nice position to be in, having a HUGE grant. Looks like some fun times ahead
    Dave Owen

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    Honestly, I don't think I could help you without a ballpark figure. I just moved a student-run TV station to a > $200,000 system... I've also priced systems for $10,000.... I'm guessing (although I may be wrong) that your budget is between those two?
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    Nice big space - no problem

    Budget - no problem

    Great, but M.Dave, as tonsofpcs mentioned, it's really hard to give any suggestions without an estimate budget (for that matter give us the 'sky' figure!), otherwise we'll be shooting flies and not getting any...

    Also (more importantly), with regards to your audience, the students, what are they learning, what is the amount of hands-on, ratio of student: camera per session. Those make a lot of difference. We don't want to be merely technical or sophisticated, but miss out what the purchase is meant for!

    For a first suggestion with regards to your present set of equipment, use the Pannys for a multi-cam studio set-up unless you're prepared to let the students handle them. Adobe for PC is fine, but as Dave mentioned, Apple tries to package everything together so you don't have to worry over card compatibility and a whole lot more issues. And in my practice, FCP is a tint more stable than Premiere..
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    My highschool studio setup had the following - I'll be generic with my descriptions to give an idea of what you can do since the equipment is mostly out of date - note, this is just things that were regularly attached to the system, it had facilities to attach additional inputs and outputs.

    Three Ikegami EFP cameras, one with dockable deck. Also a control panel for tuning the internal gains was stored in a closet.
    Lenses for those cameras.
    Tripods for those cameras.
    Dollies for those tripods (three metal pipes welded at the middle with wheels attached at the ends).
    Cabling for those cameras (100' each)
    Spare camera cable (at least 100')
    Two editing players (with record capabilities)
    One editing recorder
    Sony BVE-910 (editing controller) with diskette drive (to save EDLs)
    Audio mixer (controllable)
    CD Player
    Cassette Player
    4x Lavaliere microphones (ECM-44B)
    2x Shotgun microphones
    3x vocal mics
    1x ENG mic
    Switcher (controllable)
    Character Generator
    monitors for each camera
    monitors for each deck
    monitors for CG output
    monitor for switcher and editor display
    program/preview/record output switchable monitor [most facilities have separate program/preview monitors]
    chroma decoder (for chroma keying)
    computer system (Amiga) with video output into the system
    Video DAs for blackburst.
    Cabling. LOTS of cabling.
    Lighting. A few ellipsoidals, a few fresnels, some lowel omnis...

    There were also permanent tie-lines between the studio and the school's theatre so that we could run three cameras, extra video, and audio between the two locations
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