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    Please help me with my PA system!

    This is my issue. Long story short, I have included a graphic to show how I am hooking this up...follow the colored lines. I get no sound out of this. Does this look right or am I wrong? I have 2 amps, 1 crossover, mixing board, 2 subs, and 2 mains. I get nothing. I was told to run bridge mode on the crossover. So only 1 side actually is actually configured on the front of the crossover. I'm the drummer, so bare with me =)

    you can e-mail me if you want to help or have a suggestion will at THANK YOU!!

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    Check to ensure the mode switches are in the proper positions for "Stereo 2-way"
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    Quick check: patch directly from mixer into power amps. Run at low level. See if you get sound. This will tell you whether the crossover is the source of the problem.

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    got it

    I got it to work! It was hooked up right, I was just overlooking a knob on the mixing board that was turned down. SLAP FOREHEAD. DUH!

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    D'oh! glad you found it! Nice graphic, BTW


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