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    Mirrors in the Lake

    Hi Everyone
    I have a request from a client who wants to create the same effect as you can find in the link below. Do we have anyone who has done something like this before?? Essentially a shot of a lake with a moving image inside mirrors with poles showing the normal image and the reverse image.

    Who's clever enough to figure this one out??? I can do it with lots of overlay tracks but I'm sure there are experts who will tell me an easier way???

    Hmm, you may have to "right click and save target as" ?? The file is only under 600K

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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    It appears the 'mirrors' and poles are 3d rendered, the 'lake' is a static shot and there is a 3d reflective surface placed so that the reflections appear to be on the (overly calm) lake surface.
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    Basic Apple's iMovie HD has something along this line, but it's not on a lake.. drag and drop and export... either as part of a video, or on the DVD menu. If you can get your hands on an Apple, open iMovie HD, under Themes. I'm not sure if it's what you would find helpful.

    Let me know if you need a sample... I'll try to send you one.
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    Do note that a simple "3D" rendering like this could be pulled off quite easily with 2d compositing software. Draw the lake, background layer. Draw the posts, place them in layers such that you can place video between them in the same plane (if video needs to cover them). Insert video and skew it so that it is 'in' the mirrors (placing the layers between the posts if needed) and all the mirrors lie in the same plane. Merge and/or group all the layers (except the lake). Duplicate this merge/group. Flip and skew it (or if your compositing software supports it, flip it over a line) so that it appears to be reflecting, set opacity for this layer to about 30%.
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