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    Graphics Software

    I'm looking for suggestions for a good graphics suite to use that doesn't require you to buy hardware. The station I work for currently uses and old Percption system, and its pretty low-tech. Runs on a pIII win 2k system, and can only play jpeg still made in photoshop, and videos that are rendered on that computer via the perception system(which takes ages cos the computers a piece of crap!)

    We've got a nice new computer, with a great card 4 output in it(supports alpha keying, rgb output, and key onboard, etc...) but we need to find some good software for it. If anyone know of anything that would work well in a studio for live and pre-recorded shows(not post produced) and that supports any sort of animation, or video playback(i.e export our animated baselines from AE), then it would be awesome to hear from you. Obviously we can't afford a dekko, or inscriber.


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    What is your system like? SDI? baseband? PAL? NTSC-color?

    For cheap on NTSC baseband, an Amiga with either a "genlock" unit or a Video Toaster card, use some paint software, maybe some CG software could do...
    You may also be able to use software such as TVPaint (formerly sold under the name Mirage and Aura as well as a few others) if it supports your card to generate output, maybe not quite what you would prefer for a live environment, but it may do the job.
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