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    AudioQuest Type 4+ Wire

    I would like to know where one can buy AudioQuest Type 4+ speaker wire at the lowest price on the market?

    I am thing of putting it between the walls and putting a face plate on the wall. Has anyone done this before? How did the sound come out?

    What would be the next step above AudioQuest Type 4+ wire? How much more would it be? Would it be a wast of money?

    I am looking at Axiom M60v2 speakers to go with my Yahama 861 Receiver and Marantz CD Changer.

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    Gotta idea for ya. Go to a high-end audio shop and ask them to demonstrate the audible differences among speaker wires. Tell them you're willing to spring for expensive stuff if they can show you it sounds different.

    Then come back here and tell us what happened.

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    hehe, I think Karl has hit the nail on the head. I'm all for high-quality components but I think you're probably wasting money if you pay huge amounts for speaker cable. Although it may be easy to demonstrate how one cable is superior to another using electronic measuring equipment, I have yet to meet anyone who can tell the difference with their ears.

    You might be interested in this thread, which isn't quite the same but does cover over-priced audio cable.
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    Personally, I have no interest in the answer. The question, "Do expensive audio cables improve the sound?" is irrelevant. The real question should be, "Do expensive audio cables make a greater improvement in the sound than the same money spent on another part of the system?"

    The answer is always no.

    Suppose an A/B test clearly showed that $10,000 cables sounded a bit better than $50 cables. What would happen if, instead of buying the $10,000 cables, you spent $50 on cables and the other $9,950 buying better speakers?

    By the way, I go to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas every January. I am always amazed at how much of the ridiculously expensive stuff in the high-end rooms sounds downright awful!

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    Okay, the cable market is getting ridiculous. Slashdot has a story about a $499 network cable.
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    The expensive cable business isn't 100% snake oil. Just 99%.


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