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    help with 'audio sequencing workshop'

    just to begin with ..
    in the start .. the tutor has written
    'let's use a sampling rate of 44,1kHz and a bitrate of 24 bit.'
    now the question is .. where do i get those settings, i did found out these settings '44100Hz 16bit' written at the bottom, but i don't know how to change it. please help

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    That tutorial was kindly written by Benjamin Kapidzic who isn't on our staff. If no-one else can answer your question, you might need to contact Benjamin personally. His contact details can be found near the bottom of the following page:
    Dave Owen

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    What software are you using? Most software has this as either a project setting (project properties) or as a waveform setting (convert waveform, also a selection when you create a new waveform to record into)
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