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    Hi there,

    I am used to shooting in outdoor conditions, ie natural light, but have a shoot coming up soon that will be indoors with specialty lighting. When I'm outside shooting I always white balance with a slate.
    It might sound silly, but when filming indoors would I white balance before the special lighting is implemented or after.

    Many thanks

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    Welcome to MediaCollege, Tom.

    You would have to do a white balance during the usage of specialty lights.

    Beware of mix lighting (i.e. daylight, incandescent and florescent or any color temperature difference in any combination) if it's all in one scene. Skin tone will vary - so the expectation/result is very subjective.
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    Hi there Tom.
    Just a little addition. Because you are using mixed lighting, it's best to have your takes without any camera movement as you might risk having other stray lights that is not balanced into your shot. That's one trick of the trade. Otherwise you'll need gels to balance lighting.
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    Hi Tom!

    It depends on what exactly the specialty lighting is and what it is for (and how it affects your shot). Generally you want to white balance with all lighting in place, however with some lighting (such as colored lights) you may want to balance with only some lights in place (or all lights sans-gel) so that you can see the effects (if you balance for a soft color wash to be white, how will you see the color?).
    If you can, I'd suggest you bring a monitor with you, calibrate it on site (a monitor should be calibrated for the lighting of the room you're watching it in), and experiment a bit (or if you can, experiment with similar specialty lighting before going on-site so you know what to expect).
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    Thanks guys,

    Will try some of this and see what happens.

    Thanks again



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