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    help help help

    hello, my website is

    i posted a wmv files o my server using a link, the video plays for a few minutes and stops, i posted about 4 videos and the same thing happens to them all, not sure what the problem is. this is the code i use

    <UL type="circle"><LI><a href="Prophet.wmv"> Flying through the storm 1</a> <LI> <a href="Prophet1.wmv"> Flying through the storm 2 </a> <LI> <a href="Prophet2.wmv"> Flying through the storm 3 </a> <LI> <a href="Prophet3.wmv"> Flying through the storm 4 </a> <LI> <a href="Actions that create creations.wmv"> Actions that create reactions </a></UL>d

    pls help

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    I do want to help! but I'm unable, because I don't konw what are those!

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    I had a look at your link but I couldn't see the code you mentioned at all.

    One problem I do see is that you have spaces in your file names. That shouldn't cause the problem you describe but it will definitely cause other problems. You should get into the practice of never having spaces in any file on the web. You can replace spaces with hyphens or underscores if you like, e.g. "Actions_that_create_creations.wmv".
    Dave Owen


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