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    Fresnel light Effect

    Greetings, does anyone know if the fresnel spotlight the least expensive light there is to create a circle of spotlight on a performer in a dark (black room)?

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    Hi LadyC
    A fresnel lens simply concentrates the light into a beam so it can be projected on a subject. Dunno how costly a lens is but you can probably get a similar effect from a standard light with decent sized barn doors except you won't get the "perfect circle" that a fresnel lens will give you.
    I expect they are pretty pricey as it's a specialised item for theatre lighting. The easiest would be to shoot at your local amateur drama group and use the lights they already have.
    Might also be able to create the "illusion" of a fresnel spot with compositing but it will be tricky. I suspect that FXHome Visual Studio could replicate the effect

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    If you have enough time and tight budget, use wooden clothes pegs to affix a cardboard cut-out (circular) in front of the barn doors of your lights in addition to what Chris has suggested. It won't burn or wrinkle under the heat. Spot instead of flood if you want a strong circular shape, provided you have control of your lights . I did that a few years back with decent results.
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    It depends on what sort of spot you want. Do you want a follow spot? Do you need full spot (hard focus, shadows have hard edges) or do you want it flooded a little (soft focus, shadows have soft edges)? Are you looking to buy a fixture or just use it for one shoot? What lighting fixtures do you have available?
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    Greetings, thanks for the responses Chris, Nagar and tonsofpcs. Chris I actually see a fresnel light kit for approximately $90 in which I am considering. Nagar, I actually have a set of lens (plastic) which I ordered which have different shapes in them. I have not tried them yet but one is a circle and I am going to try it out with a black background to see what it comes out to look like. Tonsofpcs I guess I would want a sharp circle effect. I would be something I would use I'm sure over and over again as I find the effect attractive. I went to b&h also with these questions and it was very helpful experience as the salesperson was very knowledgeable. Thanks again, will let you know how it turns out.

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    Ok, so I'm back! Just wanted to share, what I did which seem to work somewhat ok. In adobe premiere pro CS3 there is a lighting effect which allows you to spotlight your image. I put my image in front of a green screen, added a black video as the back ground and pulled in the spotlight over same. It looks pretty good. The only thing is I guess I am missing something with this green screening as I am new to same. It seems to give my image a wiggley outline. I also use the 16 point garbage matte to key out the rest of the green screen. Does anyone know how to smooth out the outline of your image, or is this normal in green keying?

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    Hi LadyC
    The thing you might be talking about is a halo around the subject. First of all keep the screen as far away as practical as halo's are caused by light spill reflected from the green screen. A neat method is to mount a small key light (like a 150w halogen garden light) and light the back of the subject to kill any green reflected light.
    I tend to do all my keying in Sony Vegas so I can really give you lots of hints and tips for that NLE only but I'm sure the other regulars can give you some pointers for other NLE's. (Also FXHome Visual Studio actually has a "halo remover"!!!)


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    Thanks again Chris, FXHome is this software the same as Adobe Effects? I have been looking at Adobe effects as I am working with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. Would the FXHome work with Adobe Premiere? Thanks again.

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    If you use a backlight, you could try putting an amber gel in it to help counteract spill from chroma green (chroma green is the polar opposite of amber)
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    Hi LadyC

    Nope!! FXHome is a standalone program!! Your current software MUST have chromakey (greenscreen) facilities!!!
    What I suggest you do is start a new topic here saying "How do I do Green Screen in Adobe CS3??"
    That way all the experts will pick up on the topic and give you their ideas!! It's no good hidden here under Fresnel Lens !!

    There are tons of CS3 users out there that will give you all the hints and tips on chromakey functions.


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