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    WMV Streaming


    I am new to video streaming and was wondering what you would recommend for the following situation:

    - I need to stream I high quality VMW files to many types of OSes and browsers.

    -These are instructional videos, so they need to be clear.

    - I plan on using WMV 9 and the <embed> tag to do this. I just do not know what rez or bitrate to use.

    - I have a 5 TB / month bandwidth allowance, but will have many videos, maybe 50+. However, I don't expect many hits :P

    - The videos need too look great embedded as well in full screen and yet buffer quickly.

    - Audio is less important, but still needs to be clear. (96kbs)?

    - These will be trans coded from a HD camera.

    - What should I give for the embed tag values so that the video may fit nice on a standard display?

    Also, can you recommend the same settings (both encoding and embed) for dial up users?

    Honestly, I'd like to use a flash player (flv), but the only free one that i know of (Flow Player) is now GPL 3) and I don't want to link to their site as this will will be a series professional sites and I dont want to buy a multi-site license. Also, I want the videos to be playable out-of-the-box for most users, so I can't really use mov or rm. So I guess I'm stuck with WMV.

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