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    HTTP vs stream server

    I think my host my offers quicktime and real streaming. I know that HTTP streaming is the easiest for both the webmaster and webmaster and the end-user alike. I also know that they are easier to steal than stream server videos. However tools make stealing those streams just as easy. Are there any other advantages to using a stream server? I want to user not to have to install any extra software that they might not have out of the box So I'd prefer not to use a stream server. I also want the best quality possible What are your opinions?


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    streaming video

    Streaming videos even ABC's series of quantum streaming partners
    streams can be taken and streamed.Anyone with firebug or equal
    can find the video source if its being played to a browser sequential or not.The only way this can be avoided is to create your own browser but then
    you have programs like the url_sniffer that also can find the source
    or the good luck.


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