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    "How do I do Green Screen in Adobe CS3?"

    Greetings! I have recently upgraded to Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and have started practising with green screening/chroma keying. Having a great time with it, but need tips on perfecting same. So far I have my newphew flying on the highway (although he's side ways - oops!!), and have also been able to accomplish making my image disappear and reappear (sort of a star trek effect). I do not have a special effects program yet! My problem is my images have a halo around them and if I try keying same out with the 16point garbage matte, it tends to erase the image. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. As I said, I am just starting and I know that my lighting is also probably a big issue here. Thanks a bunch!

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    Hi LadyC
    Hmmm no replies!!! Surely someone uses CS3????
    I have put another request out at the link below for you..that might get some results????


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    Lighting is certainly "key" to good greenscreening. Have you managed to get good even lighting of the screen? In my experience it's all about even lighting and good separation of the subject when shooting, rather than trying to fix problems in post. I think I recall someone suggesting an amber gell on your backlighting - I think that's a good idea.

    As for software, do you have Adobe Ultra? I've given that a bit of a try and I found that it's better at chroma keying than Premiere Pro. Back in CS2 After Effects was better than Premiere but now I think they're pretty much the same (could be wrong there - that's based on a few quick trials).
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    Greetings! Hey Chris thanks again! Will be on the lookout for any responses.
    Hello Dave, I'm sure my lighting has a lot to do with it. I think I may be putting the horse before the cart due to being anxious. Now that the excitement of even being able to accomplish what I have, thus far, I plan to back track and take all of the above into consideration and start from the beginning. Meaning, perfecting the light and so on. I will be on vacation next week, so I will have time to play more. I received permission to post my lilttle nephews video sample of green screening, so next week maybe you guys can look at same and be able to get a better idea of what I am experiencing.
    Chris I'm sure because the sample is so unprofessional, I'm sure to get a lot of responses. Thanks again guys, very happy to have met you through this forum, it's great!

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    Surely someone uses CS3????
    Well, some of my colleagues have just purchased their CS3 suites, so I'll be able to 'tap' their brains if they are able to begin testing and running it in a few months, as our peak season is coming...

    LadyC, for the most of us, we 'judge' based on what we can know about your set-up and limitations, and 'respond' based on what you are able to improve towards as realistically as we can (skills or resource-wise), though I can be idealistic at times. So don't be shy to share what you have. Somebody may benefit from that sharing/question, and I'm sure I will!

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    Here is the answer to my question! - should anyone else be interested. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the update LadyC.
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Hi LadyC

    I had a reply or two in the Pana3CCD forum for you as well

    Hope it helps you even more!

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    Thanks Chris, will check it out tonight. I am in pursuit of more lights this evening.

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    Quote: LadyC
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    I am in pursuit of more lights this evening.
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