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    Streaming video bitrates?

    We produced our own videos (Beta and DVD) of "talking heads" and want to provide them to clients over the internet as streaming video. Each clip is about 15 minutes apiece, and in researching this forum and talking with others, we get a range of 100 to 400 bitrates for streaming. From what I have found, the higher the bitrate, the better the video quality but problems in size, therefore in streaming quality. If we encode as .wmv (I think this is the best format), what would be a decent bitrate and fps to use to get decent quality--assuming all clients will be (or should be) on cable/dsl. There will be 101 clips in all, so I assume I cannot stream over my own website, but will have to purchase server/bandwidth from our webhost service. I will probably have somebody else do the encoding for us as I am an idiot on this stuff, but have messed around with WME and got a passable video from a webcam, but don't know if I can take our files in .vob format and encode to wmv very well.

    I know there was a lot in this, and it takes time to answer, so I appreciate any help or advice.


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    Talking heads are quite forgiving. I think a frame rate of 12-15 fps is fine. A higher rate would be nice but not really necessary for talking heads. Better to make sure the audio is good quality than worry too much about the frame rate.

    The picture quality should be good enough to clearly see the eyes and mouth, but again, it doesn't need to be exceptional for talking heads.

    I work with around 250 Kilobits/sec for this sort of thing. This gives me plenty of room to provide good enough pictures and sound, while still being accessible for people with connections that only just count as broadband.

    Whether or not you can serve your video from your own website depends on how many people will be viewing simultaneously. The total number of files you have on the site won't matter as long as you're within your server space allowance. As a rule of thumb, you might be able to show videos to around a dozen people at the same time, but this varies a lot between hosting providers. Probably best to just ask them what you can do.

    .vob files aren't ideal for working with. Do you have your video files in the original format?
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