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    Seek for free program with batch encoder

    Hey everyone,

    Truly, it is urgent, can you help me?

    I have lots of videos waiting for conversion to FLV. The converted FLV will be used for my teaching activity. Someone kindly recommended me the Moyea Flash Video MX. Its batch encoder saved me lots of time and energy because it can convert many video in one time; however, it is shareware and need to pay some money. But money is tight for me and I had to seek freeware, does anyone here know some other free program can work similar to Moyea Flash Video MX?

    I need it badly, and your suggestion will be greatly appreciated!
    Millions of thanks!

    Adds:i am use acer 4620 ,so the os is vista home basic, any one can help me?

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    Super C is worth a look.
    Dave Owen


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