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    File Size

    I'm making videos that will have someone writing on a whiteboard. In order to have the writing come out nicely, I have to jack up the bitrate quite high (I'm making FLV files). The resulting files are quite large. What size files should I be aiming for when making videos for streaming over the internet (how many MB per minute, for example).

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    I usually aim for around 300Kbps - I find that's good enough and most people have a fast enough connection. However it is too much for anyone on a dial-up connection.

    Are you using a tripod? That's the best thing you can do to improve the quality/bitrate equation because there is no movement in static parts of the frame (so it can be compressed much more). Honestly, it makes quite a big difference.
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    Okey, i think 250 KBPS and 15FPS will be good for mostly


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