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    Usefull Functional Combination for the Camera

    Dear professionals,
    I really appreciated this site and it’s really helpful especially for people like us who really wants to upgrade and make our career brighter. I work as asst. cameramen in only at TV center in our country, Bhutan.
    My job responsibility is to shoot short documentaries, current affairs programs, LIVE coverage MTVs’ other Programs both outdoor and indoor. We’re even required to shoot any kind of activates on self surveillance in any type of situations without any ones’ direction, either senior cameramen or director.
    Therefore, as far as I concern and through my experience after going through your FORUMS that has s been provided by people like me and by some other learners at the same time with your professionals’ responds and commends it became helpful and quite educative to me.
    Well then, here I feel I can post more of my doubts and feeling to any professionals so that I can learn through your guidance better.

    As I know the usage and functions of the followings, what could be the COMBINATION of each function in order to make my shots lively and better then those I have ever shot?
    I mean how I should maintain the picture quality technically through the following functional combinations and when to be used like
    GAIN, IRIS, White Balance, AE Shift, Shutter Speed

    As for your information, I am using DSR-300p, PD170, and HDV in my organization.

    I appreciate every professional who are interested in guiding me.

    Thanking you all.
    ASSt. Cameraman
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