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    Premiere CS3: Flicker in cross dissolves

    I have a project for the college I work at, that I've edited up in Premiere CS3, and authored in Encore.

    There's a couple of seconds opening of a background graphic with an animation of the college logo and a title, which then cross-dissolves to some workshop footage.

    The problem is that there is a weird flickering effect on the cross-dissolve. It only happens the once; any other dissolves in the video are seemless.

    My first thought is that it may be a colour issue, with the orange background graphic.

    The other oddity is that when I export it to a low-res wmv or mpg (which I've down for the purposes of showing what the hell I'm talking about) - it doesn't happen.

    It only happens on the avi file that I export for authoring in Encore.

    Here's a link to the sample file:

    Any explanations will be gratefully received.

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    I didn't see the flicker your describing in your sample clip. To avoid the color clash, maybe you should try a dip to black.


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    No, the sample file doesn't show it: As I said, the low-res sample didn't show it, only the full res uncompressed avi.

    Anyway, I followed your suggestion, which worked a treat - thanks!


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