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    Knowledge of Drawmer DL241 compressor?

    Hello anyone who knows about the Drawmer DL241,

    Is it possible to set up (or cheat) the unit so that it will increase (expand?) low levels as well as compress down loud levels?

    I previously used the Drawmer LX20 which seemed to achieve the above, but I recently decided to buy the DL241 as the LX20's controls had become very crackly over the last 10 years or so.

    I'm using the unit in essentially a 'commercial radio' type environment, where I want all levels to be evened out to within a smallish dynamic range.
    I'm careful not to EQ until after the unit to avoid overly weighting the audio with lf before compression.

    So, I'm wondering / concerned if I've bought the wrong unit for my needs .... I bought it second hand off ebay after getting a little advice/recommendation on it from Drawmer themselves.
    Assuming it's working properly, I basically can't seem to get low or lowish levels brought up.

    Thanks for any advice on this unit,
    Lee in England

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    According to the operators manual,"Note: because the expansion ratio varies with signal level, it is possible to arrive at a situation where the red expansion LED may be illuminated when little or no perceived gain reduction is taking place. This means that the expansion Threshold may need to be set a little higher than it would with a conventional expander and final setting is best done by ear." (yes, you just have to set it higher than normal, try listening or checking with a scope to get the level you need)
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    Hello tonsofpcs and thanks for replying.

    Firstly, can I check I'm right in thinking that the 'pulling up' of low or lowish levels is indeed 'expansion' ?

    I've tried adjusting the control 'EXP / GATE THRESHOLD' but all I find it achieves is increasingly 'muting/gating off' the audio as I turn the control further anti-clockwise.
    ie the more its red LED shows, the lower/more restricted is the audio output.
    The LX20 had a similar control and result.
    With that and this unit, I habitually find no purpose for the control and set it at 'off'.

    I've previously tried to read through the manual as well, without really finding out if/how I can raise lower levels.



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