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    How to do echo cancelation...


    Am using local PA system in my church, i see so much of echo in church. i want to reduce the echo. can someone please explain how i can reduce the echo.

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    How is the room laid out? Where are the microphones? What direction do the microphones point? Where are the speakers? What directions do the speakers point? What are the walls made out of? What furniture/draperies are in the room? How many doors are there? open or closed normally? What is the amplification chain that the signal goes through? What equalizers do you have available? Are any EQs set?
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    the best way to minimize "echo" would be to minimize reflections from the foh speakers, monitors and so on. the proper coverage and overal reduction in volume needed with propper coverage would be the quickest path to minimizing the negative effects of an ambient enviornment providing that you can not dramatically change both architecture and reflective surfaces which is usually the case. This can be acheived by correct steering of foh cabinets and delay line support speakers when rooms are large enough to require them.


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