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    Having a Credible Camera

    Hi All

    This follows my last topic on the MD10000 where I was looking for a shoulder mount camera!!
    I have found that customers (especially one's that watch you filming) seem to judge your "professionalism" by the size of your camera.
    Take in a tiny HV30 (the latest and tiniest HD camcorder around) onto a shoot and eyebrows will be raised BUT if you swing into action with a nice big shoulder mount camcorder then you are immediately considered a pro even if the cam is 10 years old!!

    How many people with smallish units have this problem...if I do a shoot with my GS500 which gives my Real Estate Agents a brilliant bit of footage (it's going on the web anyway!!) they automatically bracket me in the same category as Uncle Tom who bought his little DVD camcorder from the discount store for $299. However IF I pitched up with my 20 year old Panasonic MS4 Analogue camera which is a good 2' long then they are suitably impressed and I'm classed as a "corporate cameraman"


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    Hey Chris, it's me again.

    Yes some (actually most) clients attach a liaison staff to you for the shoot who know nuts about cameras and because they see cameramen/productions on TV holding big cameras, they think that's being pro. Where I come from, the pro industry (freelancers) is really small, so everyone knows everyone. For the record I am not a freelancer.

    Just fix a nice big shotgun mic on top of your HV30, and some might think you are pro... try it.

    And btw any recommendations to purchase either the Sony HDR-HC9E or the Canon HV30? I am deciding to purchase 2 in lieu of my dying Sony cams we use for training and coverages when we decide to travel light.
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    Hi Nagar

    I must admit that I am gravitating towards the new Sony HD1000. It's shoulder mount and just over $2000. Shoots in HD and can also downconvert to SD during capture so you have the best of both worlds!!

    Admittedly it's not "hand luggage" but Sony have taken a step in the right direction and price here.

    Canon have already come out with an even smaller HD camera now (think it's called the 100F or something like that but I still feel that I get better shots with a camera that I can sit on my shoulder!! It's pretty hard to hold something a little bigger than a mobile phone and get good results. Even in my VERY earlier days I had a small JVC single tube camera (now THAT was a long time ago!!) It partnered with a JVC VHS-C recorder and JVC cleverly also produced a frame that sat on your shoulder with the little cam in the front and the VCR at the back actually looked pretty good!!


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    Yup here's a sample clip from the HD1000U (NTSC version).

    I think it beats MD10000 anytime. Only thing I don't know is whether the mic is removable. I believe if it is, it's a 1/8" plug. There are decent 1/8" shotguns, like an ATR55, and affordably priced too.

    On stability yes, nothing beats a shoulder mount. My camera is only 1.5kg (without batt) and it wears me out after half a day of hand-held shooting. Recently my team members were asking if we might consider a shoulder mount camera on our next purchase... I almost wanted to strangle them as I refrained from getting a shoulder mount last year for fear they couldn't handle the weight!
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
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    Hi Nagar
    I think it should!! It's an HD camera with the facility to down convert to SD. I lost out on the eBay bid for the DVC 15 by just $60 (that's what happens when you are cheap!!!) That would have worked well for me especially as it has awesome audio control.

    I posted more info of the MD10000 on my other topic's a real disaster and the "dealers" here have no information about it !!! Really pitiful!!

    My favorite is STILL the Sony DSR250 series!!! Tough as nails and real workhorses!!!


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    Yea, the DSR-250 series is nice, as is the DXC-D33/D55 (dockable). I'm personally a fan of the JVC GY-DV550. We had two of them as our studio cameras, we moved and upgraded to DXC-D55WS studio cameras and the GY-DV550s can match their quality, the only issue is that they lack any professional digital outputs, so they have become ENG/EFP cameras (the EFP system is analog with DVCAM recording, the studio is digital/analog hybrid, primarily digital with DVCAM decks).
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    Hi Nagar
    As requested you wanted an opinion on the MD10000 so I grabbed one fro HK (just over AUD$1000)
    They are surprisingly good and the specs and photos on various websites don't do the camcorder any justice.
    Not really what you would use for a corporate shoot but certainly perfect for weddings and events where it's still an SD world.
    It actually looks "credible" and any wedding videographer would be taken far more seriously than someone turning up with a domestic palmcorder. The performance when a final DVD is produced and watched on a standard TV cannot be distinguished from DVD's made with my Panasonic GS500 which is "supposedly" better. I would defy anyone to tell the difference!!
    It does have one downfall which is no "genuine" 16:9 format (it uses cinema mode which crops the screen for you) but then again I have NEVER been asked for a 16:9 wedding video either never mind HD!!!
    The cam sits nicely on your shoulder and has a "proper" EVF like a pro model. Controls are all external and you can use them by feel easily.
    It has full manual controls including full manual audio which is essential at events where you are using radio mics!!
    I was incorrect in the factory location too..these are made in Osaka and Panny actually make a pro model too!! Bigger chips and a DVCAM drive but regretably the menu in only in Japanese and it's PAL only. (I has a friend in Taiwan using one for ENG and the TV stations happily accept his work too!)

    For event filming in SD it's well worth the price in my opinion and performs as well as more expensive handhelds with the huge advantage of being a "proper" video camera and not a toy the size of your hand.
    Pic is below with the Azden receiver stuck on the back

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    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the write up!

    I would concur that the money invested, 'pro' feel felt by clients, and a decent output is all great! Also I've mentioned in another post that I recently saw the Sony HD1000 and it looks better than in pictures.

    Where I am, the handhelds would suffice for now.
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Hi Nagar
    My pleasure! I try to use a camera which suits my needs and style and I just feel more comfortable (and produce better results) using a EVF that fits snuggly onto your eye and a shoulder mount. I also feel it's such a waste to buy "features" Who really needs digital zoom, stobe effects, on-screen titling and the ability to take still shots on an SD card?? I use mine to purely capture the moment so "gimmicks" are never used. This was also one of the few without any gimmicks added to it!! Sure, if you are on holiday and edit "in camera" and write direct to a DVD to watch later then all the extras are great but for extensive post editing they are not necessary!!

    Hope you have a great weekend


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    Thanks for the report Chris! Isn't it amazing what a difference a credible-looking camera makes? It's a real shame it has to be like that, but that's the world we live in. I recall a client who didn't want to pay full price because he thought we were using sub-standard cameras. It was back in the Hi8 days and I was eventually able to placate him by showing him an article about TV stations using the came cameras.

    Hope you're having fun with your new toy.
    Dave Owen

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