MC Altair v0.6 has been released. See the technical details and download the files here.
In the setup tool, the new options appear in the Player and Media Files tabs.

What's new

First of all, this version does not address any issues related to the players' size or co-ordinate system. I decided to make v0.6 about video playback and v0.7 about the player interface (I've actually already done some preliminary work on v0.7 and it's looking good, but that's another story).

There are five new variables in this version:

streamingServerURL: Specify a streaming server for RTMP files.
defaultBufferLength: Amount of video to buffer before playback begins.
fpAction: Automatically play video when the player loads.
defaultEndAction: What to do when the video reaches the end (show preview image, pause on first frame, pause on last frame, show blank screen or automatically repeat. Also show/hide the First Play button)
defaultStopAction: What happens when the stop button is clicked. Similar to defaultEndAction. You can leave this undefined - it defaults to the best match based on the defaultEndAction setting.

Other additions include a mute button, H.264 version checker and percentage buffer indicator.

Depending on how well this version works out, I hope to resume work on v0.7 within a week or two. Within a couple of weeks I should be able to guess how far away that version will be from release.