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    how to clean up cable

    I have about 20 long cables running rhough my studio, and they are all tangled up and in a mess. How can I clean up this mess and still keep all the cables?
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    When cables are tangled, the golden rule is to find loops and pull them through the tangle. Don't start with an end and pull it through; many times that will just tangle things up more. Once you've pulled as many loops through as you can find, then start pulling ends.

    Once you've got the cables untangled and separated, lay them out neatly and then bind them with a cable tie about every foot so they won't get tangled again.

    Bear in mind that mic cables, line cables and speaker cables should be kept separate, especially if any of them are unbalanced (as speaker cables usually are).

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    Also, if these cables are in a relatively fixed position and need to be stepped over/around, tape them down with gaffers tape or cable path tape (basically wide gaffer's tape that is only sticky on the outside) that way they are less likely to become tangled again. If you can get them off the floor/out of the way, even better!
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