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    easycap video adapter

    good day
    i am trying to transfer all my old VHS tapes to my computer to converting to DVD. i am using the "Easycap video adapter" but i am facing a problem i was not in position that i can solve if i am looking for help. i am getting voice but no videos at all. did some can help me for solving my problem??????

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    The EasyCap device is an USB 2.0 video grabber and is really not the ideal method to transfer analogue video to digital!! Remember that USB capture devices encode your video into MPEG with dubious quality and the audio is rarely synced with the video (that's why they cos under $30!!)

    You should be using a DV bridge convertor like the Datavideo DAC100 or 200 which uses your firewire connector on your computer and saves the file as a DV-AVI which is ideal to edit. You can also borrow any Digital Camcorder which has a "passthru" facility which will allow you to use the camera as a "convertor"

    If you really want to use the EasyCap then make SURE you have USB2.0 facilities on your computer and remember this only captures the video. The audio needs to be captured via the soundcard at the same time.
    You need to set the capture for 720x480 video with the software that comes with the EasyCap unit.
    Also don't try to edit the captured footage!! It will already have lost a fair amount of quality and re-rendering it will make it even worse!!
    I found that you have to do a huge amount of "tinkering" with the settings before you get video that's even watchable!!



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