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    Help me to understand the better usage of keywords.

    Hello everybody, I have just started working as a freelancer and I need to develop this as my profession. I have to gather as much information as I can to get better jobs and deliver the best. I would like to know the efficient use of keywords to get better results fro my clients. Any help will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    There is a vast amount of information out there about keywords. Your question is too broad - I wouldn't know where to start and anything I write will only be duplicating what has been written in a million blogs and articles (including our own tutorials). My suggestion is to get searching yourself. If you're good at searching you'll find more information than you can use. If not, you need to make learning how to search a higher priority than using keywords

    One thing I will say is that it takes time to sort through the varying opinions. Make sure you read many, many articles before you start forming your own.

    If you have any specific questions about keywords, maybe we can tackle them. For example "Are metatags useful?" or "What sort of keyword density should I have?". Be as specific as you can - questions are that are too general are less likely to be answered.
    Dave Owen

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    Hi, there are many ways that you can employ to get more acquaint with profession. As you are working as a freelancer you need to develop the skills by yourself and I would suggest you to search online for the better choosing of keywords so that you will get knowledge on a wider basis. There are many sources that are efficient in getting you updated on the matter and can result in a better all round development. Hope my information will work out for you.

    All the best!

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    use google keyword tool

    To make a list of keywords that are relevant and are searched often, try using the google Keyword tool at As Dave - the Administrator, told, you stand a better chance of getting help if you ask specific questions. So, read as much as you can, get some idea about the matter and then post your queries here. I am sure that people with expertise in the field will offer help by answering your queries.

    Good luck.

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    Go to the source

    If you have a google account go to the tool section, there is a lot of information on this subject

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    Using keywords and optimizing keywords to drive targeted search traffic to your website is vital for your website and compnies success. features a great SEO and webmaster forum. Where veteran webmasters can brush up on there seo skills or learn what the new tricks of our industry.

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    If you can write a good title for a web page you can produce some results. It is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of good SEO. But first, yes, you have to know which keywords to pick and in which order. This usually comes from experience and trial and error. You usually want to pick both keywords related to the most important products the customer sells as well as geographical keywords if you want to target customers searching in a specific location.

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    Web development

    Please check this link it can helps u.

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    Re: help me to understand the better use of keywords

    I think you should target the keywords "services", "cheap services", "affordable","professional","top", "leading" with the multiple names of services you offer to your clients.

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    I think you should take google help,because its really a big topic to discuss.

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