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    Strange sound in recording

    Hi people,

    I hope you can help, I have a Sony HDR-HC9 (MiniDV) for some strange reason when recording it picks up the tape noise, you know when the tape is going round and round, and even when I capture it the noise is still there when I put it into Premiere CS3. I have cleaned the head several times, but haven't fixed it. Is this a common problem?

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    Hi Wayne
    Sounds like the drive assembly is noisy!! However it just might be being picked up by the internal mic too. Try shooting a short segment with an external mic first to see if the mic is the problem. If it is then you probably will need to have the cam serviced


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    Hi Chris,

    Thank you very much for your help. I had a old external microphone which I plugged in and there was no strange noises what so ever. Do you think if I brought the proper sony microphone attachment, do you think it will give me a good result. This is the one that Im looking at :

    Once again thank you for your help.


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    Hi Wayne
    The camera shouldn't be noisy enough to affect the internal mic really!! It sounds like you need to find out first what's creating the noise!! Is it the drive mechanism or the actual tape??? Try a different tape first and see if the noise is better otherwise if the cam is under warranty then get Sony to look at it!
    An external mic is almost an essential for good filming!!! If you can afford it then treat yourself to a Rode VideoMic ..better than anything Sony have and you can pick up a new one on eBay stores for $150.00. Otherwise you can buy a ceaper one for now, but at least but a "shotgun" model which will give you a better can get them for as little as $50 or less (Jaycar Electronics in Oz have a neat one for $49)


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    easycap usb 2.0 video adapter driver

    Hi can anyone help. I misplaced my driver and need to download from somewhere.

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    If you have a MiniDV camcorder then it's way better to capture via the cam's firewire connection. You don't need any driver and can capture from your NLE or even Windows Movie maker.

    USB capture is usually used for camcorders with a hard disk drive. If yours indeed has a drive and not tape then Windows XP or Vista will recognise the device with any special drivers



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