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Thread: blown speaker

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    blown speaker

    I think I blew a speaker. How would I know if I did, and is it fixable?
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    Disconnect it from whatever it is connected to, connect it to a sound source designed for it (it can be the same source, just disconnect and reconnect it to be sure that it is connected cleanly, maybe use the other channel output to isolate the problem), see if it is working. If it isn't working, something inside it is likely broken (or the cabling, be sure to check that too!).
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    if you have blown a speaker it will sound distorted and will NOT sound correct you can try all different things so see wether it is blown e.g turn the volume up (but not too loud as this may cause more damage ) as said in the other post try the other chanel and also try a different mixer if pluged in to a moxed aslo try different amp's (if powered by amp's ) i had the same problem a few weeks back whils doing a disco speacker sounder blown but i thought it was the speaker blowen from too much bass (as it was in a 18 - 30 night club infact it was the amp over loads turned it down and was find but i investigated it more and changed the amp and all find now mind u i was pushing " in the regiun of 3000 watt in to it lol )


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