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    Hard Disk Video recorder

    Hi all, does anyone know of a reasonably priced small hard disk recorder that can record about an hour SD (PAL) video and 2ch audio, take a composite input, run off 12v and is small enough to attach to the back of a full size shoulder mount camera. It does not have to be broadcast quality and doesn't need timecode etc. I've found some high end units, but these are a too expensive for this particular job.

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    Hi MFD70
    I spent months looking for a cost effective HDD recorder but they were all in the thousands!! The Firestor drives are brilliant but also no good for what you want as they are Firewire input (DV) not analogue.
    Admittedly I gave up and bought MiniDV Shoulder mount cameras!!!

    The Sony HD1000 is under $2000 here now and gives you HD recording to tape ...cheaper than a HDD recorder!!

    What I did consider was getting a camcorder with a miniDV drive that has video input (composite to MiniDV) and then strap that to the ENG cam. It would actually be a cheaper route to go!!!! If your ENG cam is no longer using the tape drive you can also strip out the drive train and a miniDV cam will fit into the tape compartment!!! Not an ideal solution but economically it makes sense!!!


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    I saw on in a fair... an exact one you were looking for, but I gave it a pass... and went to the Firestore booth instead..

    I understand that advantage of speed in using an ext HDD. So for stationary events, I hook my camera onto my laptop (that is hooked onto an ext HDD). It works perfectly... apologies that I do not have the photos with me, else I would have posted them up. I also record concurrently on tape as a back up. Once on the move, I stay on tape only. This saves a portion of the time, and abt USD2,000 or so (for the latest firestore, which is impressive).
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    There's also a few suites of analysis software that you can use if you record through your computer (or have your computer hooked up via firewire while you record).
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