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    Rap Vocal Mixing Tips: Come and listen to what I got so far.

    Hey this is C Dog from Shut Down Productions out of Northern California we have been recording vocals for probably about a year now and we are always looking for good tips and advice on gettin the best quality we can out of our situation. Let me explain to you what we have. Our recording area is a 4' X 6' booth that runs to an 8' ceiling. It is built with 2" thick wood and every crack is sealed. It is also lined in professional studio foam, all walls and ceiling. We have a blue baby bottle mic that runs into a focusrite voicemaster platinum preamp. From the preamp it runs into our Korg d16xd mixer. We do some basic editing on the Korg and run it into our computer running Cubase SX3. In Cubase we do most of the editing and effects. I have a link to a single verse in a song that I would like some comments on as far as how I can make the vocals sound more mixed in with the beat. My beat is only one track so it makes it more difficult to mix it but that is the only thing I have to work with. Here is a link to the verse call Endless Ammunition
    It does have some explicit lyrics so don't be frightened, hehe. We are doing our best to utilize the best out of our equipment but there is only so much the manuals can tell us. I would appreciate any recording, mixing, eqing, effect tips that anyone can offer. My ears are gettin a little burn't out so hopefully yours can help me

    C Dog

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    Hey C Dog, nice site. Don't think I can give you any advice on the clip - sounded pretty tight to me. Maybe some guru can be more helpful.
    Dave Owen

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    C Dog,

    You have a really nice mix. I think the level of the vocals is about right, but I do have a couple of questions. 1. I don't hear any obvious signs of compression on the vocals, is there compression? If there is, you might try using a longer decay time so the ends of words don't tail off. I think it sounds really good, but I have a Little difficulty hearing the words all the way through. 2. There is a little phasing happening between the voices. You might try playing with minute amounts of delay to help seat in the different vocal tracks to make them sound a bit more congruent. It sounds really good. Keep up the good work!!!!

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