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    Windscreens vs Muffs

    Hello everyone! Now is the time to find out about the diffrence between Windscreens and Mufs. I really don't know how they diffirintiate and what purpose each serves. (Other than wind blocking).Thanks.

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    Basically all do much the same thing as far as I have found. Are you referring to a "muff" as the foam cover that slips over the mic ???
    Windscreens come in two stages. You first have the "blimp" or "zepplin" which is a wire cage that the mic sits inside under rubber suspension. The mesh allows medium and high frequencies to enter but tends to block low frequencies. In very noisy conditions, you can add a "dead cat" to the blimp which is usually a long haired artificial fur fabric cover and the long fibre stands also trap any wind passing over it.
    Blimps tend to give you a noise reduction of around 12 - 18db and the addition of a long haired blimp will often increase this to up to 26db.

    You can actually make a blimp yourself. I have a pic on my diy site below which will give you an idea on how to make one



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